About The Author


Paula has been writing and traveling since she was very young and this shows in her books. She has been teaching both adults and children. She is told she is more than a speaker, that she inspires her audiences.


She has been speaking and teaching professionally to groups since 1984. She has been teaching in schools and conferences since 2002.


Paula has owned a number of businesses and has helped others with their business.


She has worked with many groups on fund-raising projects. She has run a number of them on her own.

She has done many "story times" for the children.

Paula has written and published many restaurant reviews.


She has written and published her own travel newsletters.


She can speak on many different business topics, fun topics, travel topics as well as writing, publishing and advertising. How about an Angel Tea Time?

Paula has been featured in over 18 newspapers.

She has a number of "FREE" E-Books. (See Above) 

Paula now has "Four" books. (See Above)

Paula has written a series of children’s books. These books were designed to bring out the Creativity and Imagination as the children are Learning about Life. The books can be Personalized, so no two books will ever be the same. Children will learn to Read, Spell and Write in their own book as they bring their book to Life with Color. (ages 2 & up)

This prompted her to think about adults. It seems adults have lost their Creativity and Imagination in this fast paced world. The book, "Have You Ever Heard An Angel Speak???" was born, to help bring back what we once felt when we were young. The angel book of Beautiful Poems is Personalized by the reader as they bring out their Creativity, Imagination and bring their book to Life with Color. Ages 10 to 110, many 7, 8 and 9 year olds also love this book.

Her book, "Have You Ever Heard An Angel Speak????" made the front page of the Sunday newspaper 8/16/15.

Paula now has "Five" books. (See Above)

This Unique Book, “HURT Personalize Your Book,” lets the Reader Personalize their Book with Their Name and through a Journal Section with Their Thoughts. Say what they want to Say. Write Your Hurts. Bring Your book to life with Color.

A Great way to Say, "I am sorry.” In the book Write a note or Text on the phone in the Book, “I Am Sorry.” Let The Book Do The Talking For You. I am not a doctor and I do not pretend to be one. Ages 12 to 110. Some younger ages may learn & joy from this book.

All Of The "Poems" Have Been Written By International Poet Paula Goldsmith.

In 2019 Paula Won Over 100 Awards For Her Poems.

In 2020 What Paula Won.

1. Over 124 Poetry Contests.

2. Paula was honored to have her poem, "When I Was Young" Featured in an International Poetry Book.

3. She had "1 Poem of the Week." (International Poetry Site)

4. She had "2 Poems of the Day." (International Poetry Site)

5. She had "4 Poems Featured on a Poetry Home Page For One Week for The World To Read." (International Poetry Site)

The Poems That Have Won Will Be Noted On The Bottom Of Each Poem.

Read For "Free" Award Winning Poems. (Above On The Poem Page.)

Paula now has "Eight" books. (See Above)