Speaking, Advertising "or" Say Thank You



Paula has many business, fun and travel topics she can teach or speak on.

Do not forget about an Angel Tea Time.

Ask about fund-raising idea.

Paula has been writing and traveling since she was very young. She has been teaching both adults and children. She is told she is more than a speaker, that she inspires her audiences. She has been speaking and teaching professionally to groups since 1984. She taught a youth class in church, was the president of the women's church group, ran the women's banquet, wrote-printed-published the women's church bulletin and worked in vacation bible schools. Paula has owned a number of businesses and helped others with their business. She has worked with many groups on fund-raising projects. She has run a number of them on her own. Paula has been speaking and teaching groups, in schools and conferences since 2002. She taught for Bucks County Community College (Conference-A Day for All Women-2 years), the Bucks County Community College in their continuing education dept. (Many semesters), Neshaminy Adult School (3-years), Public Libraries and the YWCA. She has taught travel agents since 2004. She has been a guest speaker for the ABWA (American Business Women’s Association), Montgomery County Women’s Voices & Visions Conference at the Montgomery County Community College Trade School Buck County PA, Trade School Mesa AZ, in Las Vegas at a Travel Trade-Show, a travel trade-show guest speaker in Glendale AZ (2-years), for the retirement community, for the Phoenix Postal Customer Council and many more. She has had an article printed in “Outlook,” The Voice of Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce Magazine. Four of her articles were printed in the “E-Agent” Magazine. She has done many "story times" for the children. Paula has taught THINKspot business class for the Mesa Public Library. She has written many restaurant reviews and published her own travel newsletters. She can speak on many different business topics, travel topics as well as writing, publishing and advertising.

Her Author Signed books, are in museums, visitors centers, on cruise ships, libraries, in stores & are sold internationally.

Paula has been featured in a number of newspapers.



Advertising or Say Thank You:

Are you a "Business or a Group?" Do you know a "Business or a Group" looking for New Advertising Ideas? All books can be used for Advertising or to Say Thank You. Her Angel Book, “Have You Ever Heard An Angel Speak?” is a Great way to say Thank You. How about an Angel Tea Time? You can serve just tea and cookies or an Angel tea luncheon or a tea an Angel banquet. Paula has an angel presentation for the wonderful tea time event. She will talk about how the book was born, about stress in life & how to calm down. She can explain how a few ladies, can do their own tea time any time they want to make any day extra special.

"Be Remembered," With Your Personal Message in Her Books. A Great Way To Advertise Your Message. A "Business" or a “Thank You” Letter Can Be Added To Her Books. Your business/company, groups, clubs or organizations, can add their Personal Touch as a means of Advertising to your members, groups or to the public. Your write up can be long or short. You Say What You Want To Say In Your Personal Letter.

Paula's books make a great way for a business/company, groups, clubs or organizations to say “Thank You.” You may want to add a book signing as part of your event "OR" just give the books out.

Everyone Loves Giving & Receiving An Author Signed Book.

Books make a great gift for all gift giving occasions.

Easy to mail in mailing envelopes. 

Great when Traveling. All Of The Books Are Easy To Pack & Fun To Use. 

Make Your Next Event Extra Special With A Book Signing.

Her Angel Book, “Have You Ever Heard An Angel Speak?” 

Ages 10 to 110, many 7, 8 & 9 year olds also love this book.

The Children's Books Are Ages 2 & up. Makes A Great Keepsake For The Mother.

"Remember," Angels Are Great Any Time Of The Year. (Christmas/Holiday Angels, Valentine's Day Angels, Spring Angels, Mother’s Day Angels, Summer Time Angels, Say Thank You to The Angels/Volunteers.)

Reach The Author: 602-323-7752