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In 2022 What Paula Won.
1. She started the New Year off with the honor of having Three of her poems being chosen for an International Book of Poems.
In 2021 What Paula Won.

1. She won 186 Poetry Contests.

2. She had  3 "Poems of the Day."

My Crumpled Thoughts  Winner   1/10/2021  "Poem of the Day"++++ I reminisce, I miss....   Double Winner  3/19/2021  POTD  "and"  1 Place ++++ Beautiful Flowers  Double Winner  8/8/2021  “Poem of the Day” "and"    9/1/2021     2 Place

3. She had 4 Poems Featured on a Poetry Home Page For One Week for The World To Read."

4. Book: She had "Five" of her Nursery Rhymes chosen for this Wonderful International Children's Book. “Nursery Rhymes & Stories from Poets Around the World,” was written by many international writers.               5. (In 2021) She has been given credit for her “Acrostic Rhyme Poems.” Believed to be created by Paula Goldsmith, Author and International Poet.

6. Book: The Little Wooden Man was published (A mystery/romance novel, 10 years in the making.)

In 2020 What Paula Won.

1. She Won Over 124 Poetry Contests.

2. Paula was honored to have her poem, "When I Was Young" Featured in an International Poetry Book.                                                            3. She had 1 Poem of the Week. (International Poetry Site)  

4. She had 2 Poems of the Day." (International Poetry Site)                    5. She had 4 Poems Featured on a Poetry Home Page For One Week for The World To Read (International Poetry Site)

"What My Readers Are Saying About My Poems"

1. I love how all your poems tell a story. From A Reader

2. Your poems are so cute, clever and creative. Keep writing your amazing poetry. Thank You

3. You are so creative. You have a talented & creative pen to write with. From A Writer 

4. Your thoughts illuminate me. I love what you write. Thank You

5. When are you writing a book of poems? From A Reader

6. Keep writing your amazing poetry. I love reading it. From A Reader

Paula Has Been Featured In Over 18 Newspaper Articles For Her Writings.
She has been honored by having her Poems chosen to be in "Three" International Book of Poems.
In 2019 What Paula Won.
Over 100 Awards For Her Poems.


  "New Book"









“Award-Winning Poems By International Poet Paula Goldsmith” 


Many of my readers have been asking me to publish a book with my Award-Winning International Poems. Here it is. This book only contains some of the hundreds of my Award-Winning International Poems. At the bottom of each poem will be listed what the poem won. This book is very different from my other six books.

This unique book “Award-Winning Poems By International Poet Paula Goldsmith” is a Fun book for Ages 10 to 110. In the back of the book, you will find a place to try writing your own poems. If you prefer you can journal about life. Make sure you bring your book to life with color. This book makes a Great Gift throughout the year. I hope you will enjoy this fun book and will pass it on to others to enjoy.



1. Another great book. I love your amazing poems. From A Reader  2. Paula, you have wonderful creativity. A wonderful book for gifts. I am ordering a few. From A Reader 

3. Another Wow!!!! What a beautiful book of poems. From A Reader

4. I read through it, then went back through this fun book. Now off the bring it to life with color. From A Writer 

5. I hope you will write a part two book. From A Reader 

6. This book shows your amazing creativity. From A Writer

7. I love coloring my books to life. My kids love your kid's books. Your books are so much fun for all ages. From A Reader               8. Some of your poems are very funny. I laughed until I cried. From A Writer                                                                       9. Paula, you are a very talented and a gifted writer. From A Writer                                                                                 10. Your fingers and poetic mind always produce amazing poetry. From A Writer